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Variety Film Review: 'The Skyjacker's Tale'

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A country club massacre, an audacious kidnapping at 20,000 feet, Vietnam, the Black Panther Party, coerced confessions, white justice: There’s no shortage of compelling angles to the story of Ishmael Muslim Ali, the defiant fugitive currently tucked away in an unspecified Cuban enclave. But “A Skyjacker’s Tale” is all in the telling, and Jamie Kastner’s haphazard documentary misses the opportunity to get it right, despite having access to Ali and an impressive assembly of major players from his past.

Cutting between present-day Cuba, the Virgin Islands in the early ’70s, and a fateful New Year’s Eve flight in 1984, Kastner makes a choppy, hectic hash out of talking-head interviews and amateurishly staged recreations, losing both the outrageous kick of the story and its troubling social context. The end result may be digestible television at 76 minutes, but theatrical prospects remain stuck on the tarmac. Read more - 


Laura Baron Kastner