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The Toronto Star Film Review: 'The Skyjacker's Tale'


Documentary about an airline hijacker’s puzzling past. Directed by Jamie Kastner. Opens Friday at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. 75 minutes. 

Ishmael Muslim Ali has a belt buckle reading “LOVE,” a grandson he dotes on and a comfortable life as a semi-retiree in Cuba: “I think I’ve been blessed,” he says.

He seems the picture of placid domesticity, apart from a penchant for profanity.

People from his past think otherwise. “I think he’s evil,” says one. “I hope he’s rotting in hell,” says another.

The Skyjacker’s Tale explains the gap in perception, while teasing out a mystery about Ali that continues to fascinate, decades after he made international headlines in connection with two outrageous crimes: a mass murder and an aircraft hijacking. Read more - 

Laura Baron Kastner