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Cave 7 Productions is a Toronto-based boutique production company specializing in unique, idiosyncratic feature documentary films. We are established as a distinctive maker of internationally appealing work that has been shown on a raft of broadcasters including: BBC, ZDF/ARTE, Bravo, Sundance Channel, Canal D, TVO, VPRO & NPS, SBS, TV2, YLE.








                                                                                      JAMIE KASTNER

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Known for such titles as The Skyjacker's Tale, Secret Disco Revolution and Kike Like Me, Jamie Kastner has carved out a unique voice in a wide range of documentary styles: true crime, political thriller, comic-ironic, presenter-led, actuality, historical and musical. His work has launched at festivals such as TIFF, London and Rotterdam, sold around the world on various platforms, won prizes and resounded with audiences and media alike.